It’s been a year!


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It’s been a wonderful year! Full of ups and downs, twist and turns, and my daily Thought for the Day posts has come to an end. I was actually kind of sad. It had become such a daily ritual. What was I going to do next…

I like having friends that uplift and inspire me. I have one in particular that inspires me the most. She had just completed a 365 day gratitude journey. I thought that would be great. So, that is what I’m doing. Except, I am not sharing mine.

I spend my days printing out my calendar and fine tuning them to have them published in June.  I will keep you posted when they are available. It is such a labor of love.


Six months in


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It’s been six months since I started my Thought for the Day project. I am more into it today than when I started. I am so grateful that I have been given the support and time to do this project. I do it with such love, joy, fulfilment and purpose.

As time goes by, I think more about how I can use this project to help people. I came up with the idea of creating a companion book to go with the Thought for the Day. In this way, I can add more to what was behind the quote, what was my intention or take away I want you to have after reading it. I also thought of the companion book as a tarot reading type thing. Where you can randomly open to any page and see what the message is and use it as your focus for that day.

Because of this added idea of writing the companion book, my self-imposed deadline is June of 2018.

So I hope you will follow me on this unfolding journey on FB or Instagram. The links will be at the bottom of this update.

Another personal note…

I’ve been a dreamer my whole life. Even when I was working a 9-5 to support myself and my kids, I never stopped dreaming of something better.  I was fortunate during some of that time to be working at a profession that I loved, but that percentage was very small for the number of years I was working. However, I never forgot the feeling.

I am feeling exceptionally grateful today to have the realization that I am getting to do something I love while moving towards a more complete picture of my ideal life. I want to make sure that I stay aware of all the gifts that I have along the way. It’s too easy to focus on what’s missing rather than to realize all the gifts that are present in this now moment along the way.

I love that I have some profound tools to use that help with self-limiting ideas and beliefs.  One of them being PSYCH-K. I am a certified PSYCH-K facilitator and would be happy to provide a free 30-minute consultation to see if it might be a fit for you.

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With Love and Gratitude,


A morning muse

I read a post on FB from Bentinho this morning which reminded me of the dream I/we call life.

I was able to bring it up to my partner and thus attempt to explain what I perceived and understood.  He is not on a “spiritual journey,” he just does life. Not judging either one to be right or wrong or better and worst, just a different expression of the One.

It helped me notice within myself the tendency that if my conditions looked a certain way, then I would be happy. I know all too well that is not true.  There is and will always be something else.

So how to be happy and content in this now moment exactly the way everything is and the way I perceive it not to be… that is the question and the so called work.

I close my eyes and just notice for the moment the witnessor who sees even though my eyes are closed.

I instantly begin to feel a calm come over me. In that moment there is nothing to do except notice. Nothing to strive for. Just simply be.

I purposely breathe and check in with my body. I notice how I am sitting and allowing my chest to sag into my belly.

I repeat to myself, I am Happy to be me. I am Happy to be me.  Again and again.

And it’s true. I am Happy to be me. I’m grateful to be me.

Ahhhh. The perfection of it all!

New Beginnings

It’s been a few years since I posted to this website… I’ve been going through my own journey to come out refreshed, renewed and with a clearer focus.

It is my deepest desire to bring something good into this life, to inspire, to teach by example, and share what has worked for me and how you too can live the dreams you desire. I have found that it’s closer than you think. It’s only our thinking that seemingly keeps it at a distance.

What you want, wants you. Your wishes, dreams and desires are like magnets working to come together in a solid way. Be yourself, not the expectations of others. Many years ago when I was young, I had the realization that my thoughts were not my own. They were my parents, my teachers, and society in which I born. So I asked myself, what are my thoughts? We all have an inclination of our likes and dislikes. How we feel about life, etc.  However, usually those around us, the ones that supposedly love us the most tend to make fun of our differences causing most of us to retreat within ourselves and fit in.

There will always be those that make fun of us. Those very same people are the ones not living their dreams or ignorant. The ones who are living their dream or working towards it  know what it’s like and will be supportive and uplifting. You want to surround yourself with more of those people.

I like keeping things simple.  So to live the life you want now… stop resisting what is.
After all, you created what is. Accept it, marvel at it, and take pride in what you created.  It gives you your power back and enables you to clearly define what you don’t want so you now know what you do want. Focus on what you do want. What is the feeling you want to experience? Feel that now.

You don’t need the thing or circumstance to have the feeling you desire now. Be grateful for all that you do have… all of it. Be grateful for the teachers in your life. The ones that show you what you don’t want and the ones that show you what you do want. Embrace it all. Marvel at the magnificence of it all.

From this peaceful place, ask yourself empowering questions. Regardless of the questions, you will get an answer. However, ‘why me’ just keeps you in loop and doesn’t solve anything for you. A better question would be, ‘what is the most empowering thing I can do next?’ Do that.  And just keep taking the next step.

Sometimes we get overwhelmed or doubtful when you look at the big picture. It feels impossible. A big picture is necessary to know where you’re headed, but then come back to the here and now. Just take the next step that is in front of you. The rest will take care of itself.

There are those that want to just flow with life.  You still create what flows into your life.  Is it one big challenge after challenge, or one amazing event and coincidence that causes you to feel marveled and amazed?

You get to decide. You are the Source. ~ Jini

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New Year!


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I was reading a newsletter from a friend of mine and among a lot of other things, he states… “Why not make a promise to be more present this coming year, to actually be with the people we associate and live with? With acute conscious awareness, we will discover that every moment becomes a new beginning, and in those moments we get a taste of eternity!”  I love that sentiment.

A ritual that I learned many years ago was to take a peace of paper and write down all your regrets, sorrows, mistakes, wrong-doings, etc. Anything that was less than stellar and write it all down. Then when you feel complete, burn it up. Watch it go up in smoke. If you really want to have some fun and get fancy about it, get some flash paper. Then write one regret for each sheet, then have fun watch it flash burn into the nothingness from which it came. And most important, let the emotion go.

When that process is done, get a new sheet of paper and write down your intentions for the New Year. I’ll let you decide how you want to do it. But, one thing I would keep in mind is when you are writing down ‘stuff’ that you want to accumulate – ask yourself what ‘feeling’ do I think I will have for obtaining that ‘thing’.  Whatever it is. A lot of times we think that ‘something’ will makes us happier when the truth is you can be happy right now. Just decide to be and then find reasons to support it.

Happy New Year and Many Blessings,

Fight for your Limitations?


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One thing that we all seem to have in common is that we fight for our limitations to some degree. We whine and complain that our lives aren’t working and talk  incessantly about what’s wrong and what’s missing. Yet that very conversation keeps everything in place. Yes, we get what we focus on. So what are you focused on? Another way to say this is; where your attention goes, energy flows.

You will NEVER, let me repeat this… You will NEVER get to where you want to be as long as you ARE beating the drum of what’s wrong and what’s not working. That includes self-flagellation, judging, and my personal favorite, justifying why you’re right. You can be right all day long about what someone did or didn’t do, but that is NEVER going to change the situation or get you to where you want to be. Period. End of Story. No exceptions.

So why do we do this? We have programs running in the subconscious—stories we’ve made up about situations… habitual, negative self-talk and negative thinking, etc. Do you think it’s time for a new story—one that is supportive,  motivating, empowering, and gives you a feeling of hope and ultimately excitement? Oh my, what would life look like if you felt excited about your life?! Really, what would it look like? Go ahead—Imagine it. Write it. Draw it. Speak it.

That alone will get you unstuck and starting to move in the direction of your dreams, desires, and aspirations. Start your New Year with a fresh outlook and new conversations.

I can definitely help you get started in the right direction and develop a new perspective and empowering conversations.

Also look for my upcoming workshop, February 1, 2014.

As published in Truly Alive Jan/Feb. 2014 issue.

Human Experience



We each come to this ‘human’ experience to have just that – a human experience. Yet, that is not who and what we are. We are consciousness, spirit, or whatever name you may have for the life-force that exist in all of us while we have this human experience. We are born into families, societies and countries that have ideas and rules about how you and I as this new human should be in order to survive and fit in. I will call this programming.

Here’s the catch…we are trying so hard to fit in, be successful by their definition and please the people around us that we don’t really even question what it is that were trying to fit into. If we do reject and speak out against what is being taught it usually has negative side effects. Then we end up dealing with the negative sides effects rather than trying to understand who and what we truly are and what we came here to experience in the first place.

But there seems to be a growing number of people around the world that are saying no to the status quo. It might be in revolutions, demonstrations, teachings, underground groups, people speaking out, etc. I personally think this is a great thing.

I knew and felt very early on that things were not right, but didn’t know what to do with these feelings. So like a lot of other people, I just quietly tried to fit in. Now I seek out like-minded people and learn and find ways to be true to myself and helping as many others that are on the same path. I’m excited to finally be validated and have the friendships and support to really question what is right for me.

Sounds selfish, but in truth being selfish (in a healthy way) is a really good thing. I don’t mean being selfish at the cost of others, or being selfish in wanting your own way all the time. But being selfish in only doing what feels right for you. No one else really knows what is right for you, only you do. They may think they have your best interest at heart and try to convince you through their beliefs, but that does not mean it’s right for you. I believe that if you are true to yourself that in the long run it puts everyone and everything in the natural right order that it needs to be in for everyone concerned.

I’m not excited about the idea of a revolution to set things right, but I’m not against it if that is what it takes. We’ve been brainwashed into believing ideals that are taking us further away from our internal well-being and happiness and causing us to be more stressed out and unhappier than ever.

It’s time for the pendulum to start swinging the other way. To let go of the outside distractions and came back within to our true selves. To decide for our self what we value, what is really important and meaningful in the long run.

So do you think your living the life you were meant to live? Or are you living the life someone else has planned out and convinced you that you want?









I was talking to a friend last night who is going through a lot of changes right now. What I found so interesting is from the bird’s eye view everything is lining up for this person exactly the way it needs to – to lead them to their heart’s desire. But because they are in the mist of it, it’s hard to see how everything is lining up to support them.

I share this short story to ask you where in your life where something might not seem to be going very well, but is actually nudging you into the direction of your dreams. The one theme that seems to be consistent with all my clients is that they (self included) seem to argue for their limitations or why things won’t work. Then it’s my job to lovingly and persistently walk them through their own resistance to see the light on the other side.

What if we were to give up the resistance and instead ask ourselves what is the gift in the situation instead of complaining about it. I truly believe there is a silver lining in all situations. If nothing else, it helps you to clarify what you don’t want and discover what you do want instead. If you will only take a few moments to look at it that way.

So the next time you are in a less than desirable situation, what if you were to say, that’s interesting what gifts does this situation have to share? Much more powerful words and enables you to move through the situation with ease and much more quickly. You might learn things about yourself that you have not been able to see before.

A couple of years ago I had a friend who I would have a tendency to make jabbing remarks too. They did not deserve that regardless of what they did or didn’t do, and one day they pointed that out to me. I resisted hearing it, but as always, I went home and contemplated what they said. It was a bitter pill to swallow, but it was true what they said and that it was a learned behavior. What came out of that was a hard look at myself and adjustments in my own thoughts about myself and others. Whatever we picked up as children from repetition can be changed. We are not hard wired! In my practice, I used something called Psych-K to help my clients rewrite undesirable programs that were installed when they were young and are running on automatic. I will write about Psych-K in my November newsletter.

Today I look for the good and gifts that people have to offer and share only those positive aspects. An interesting thing happens when I do that. They get better all on their own without me pointing out or even noticing anything negative.

I hope this idea sparks a cord with you and gives you a new way to look at old situations.

With Love and Light,

Remember, You are the Source. You Decide! ©


It’s all made up!



I remember many years ago sitting in the foothills of Albuquerque, NM looking over the city and thinking to myself, someone, just some one person decided to stop, maybe at the river to water their horse. And others came into agreement with this one person and now there is this striving city with 100s of thousands of people. Everywhere in life this is true.

It even goes as deep as our concept of God. Yes, even our concept of God has changed over the millenniums. There isn’t anything in our lives that wasn’t once an idea in someones mind. Some for the personal improvement of one’s own life, to the improvement of many. Some were to control and benefit at the suffering of others. But either way, it was a thought, an idea that someone made up.

There are no limits as to what can be made up. One of my favorite people Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin Galactic is making space travel commercially accessible. Imagine that! Like buying a bus ticket, except this one will take you to outer space. What’s next?

And it is my belief that we each come into this experience with tendencies, natural abilities, and gifts that can either lay dormant or change the world like Thomas Edison or Steve Jobs.

I knew at a early age that I was to be a teacher, but I didn’t want to be a School Teacher. At 22 the thought occurred to me to be a Spiritual Counselor, but I didn’t want to a Psychologist and I didn’t believe in formal religion. In my late 20’s I discovered that I had a latent talent for graphic design and publishing. I enjoyed that for almost 20 years. Now in my life after raising a family, I have decided to become a Life Coach. It’s the closes I can come to a universal title that may have some meaning. It really incorporates all of them, the Teacher, Psychologist, Spiritual Counselor and Publisher.

So what is my point? That life is made up and you get to make up your own life too. But all too often I hear people makes excuses why they aren’t living fully rather than reason and ways that they can create the life they want. I see so many talented people shy away from their natural gifts which seems to be mostly out of fear.

I too was one of those people until finally I had had enough and made the decision that I wasn’t going to allow someone else to decide my fate anymore. Little did I know what was about to transpire. That was a little over two years ago now. It seems like such a distant life then the one I live today. One full of fun, international travel, meeting new interesting people from all over the world, and most excitably, living on purpose.

I love my life and yet there is room for improvement, expansion and so much more that I can’t even see yet. And it continues to unfold. But I am deciding day by day. I am choosing what is so and right for me.

Are you living your life by someone else rules and ideas of how life ‘should’ be lived, or are you deciding for yourself what you want your life to look like and going for it?

And one final thought, I did not do this by myself. I sought out people that could help me along my journey. Others who have made the change themselves. A mentor or a model of someone I admired and respected. I soon found myself outgrowing that person and looked for others to help me in my expansion of who I could be and who I am becoming. It’s a ongoing story and an ongoing journey. What’s yours?

Remember, it’s all made up… You are the Source, Your Decide! ©

With Love and Light