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We are the Love we seek!

When you take away all the judgments, all the rights and wrongs, all the shoulds and shouldn’ts.
Underneath it all – is Love – Just Pure Love
That’s what we are – Pure Love.

A simple look. A simple feel. A simple touch. All there is – is Love.
We come into this world as pure Love.

But, somehow with all the noise of the world, layers and layers of right and wrong, shoulds and shouldn’ts are laid on us to the point that we create us and them – separation, loneliness, sadness, longing.

Since it’s done, there is no need to wonder why or how it became this way – let us turn our focus to how to get back to that pure Love that’s underneath it all.

We surrender the need to be right. We surrender being wrong. We are all okay. Just trying to interpret what we have experienced, searching ‘out there’ for something that is already within us. Love. We are the Love we seek. We are the answers we are looking for. We are the serenity and peace we seek.

We long, we strive, we push and shove, we fight, yell and scream – demanding that we get from ‘out there’ that which is quietly waiting within us to be seen. Love.

It’s always there. Always has been and will always be…quietly waiting to be noticed. And oh, when it is…what a sweet surrender. A big sigh of relief. A letting go. A relaxing the tension that has been held in the body for so long. Sweet surrender. Tears of relief, a coming home to one’s self, a quiet deep joy.

I’m not talking about being a doormat or a pushover. But a deep Love for oneself that is full of wisdom and strength, kindness and acceptance.

All this time it’s been right there….quietly waiting.

Take time to feel, let the tears come…feel the pain deeply and know that all is okay. And in this surrender, this quiet place Love will show itself. The right and wrongs melt away. There are only difference that we were taught, but underneath it all is the oneness of us all – Love!

May you have the most wonderful Love affair with yourself today!

Namaste. Jini