Living in Grace from Honolulu, Hawaii April 22, 2013

Living in Grace MP3 

Aloha! And welcome back to Coaching by Jini.
This conference call was recorded in Honolulu, Hawaii April 22nd, 2013 with my very dear friend Mary Beth Shewan. Who is a Master Certified Coach. You can find out more about Mary Beth and her services at Mary Beth is a transformational coach and very exceptional at what she does. She helps people build Bridges to Brilliance!

This conference call is being transcribe, so visit again soon to look for the transcription of our conference call or listen now to the mp3 – Living in Grace.

I’ll be taking a break from the weekly conference calls and will make announcements about once a month. I am shifting my focus to putting together a workshop to create an experiential experience of what we’ve been talking about and to get back to that natural person that we were when we arrived this lifetime. A free open soul ready to experience life to it’s fullest before all the conditioning started, and to go forward from that new place.


And remember, Your are the Source, Your Decide.

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