Awaken MP3 

To whom it may concern,

It truly is a time of awakening. The truth in everyday life is being revealed a piece at a time. The time of being naive is coming to an end. We are allowing ourselves to see beyond the veil that we’ve been duped into believing. We are becoming ready, able and willing to take full responsibility for all that we’ve done and all that we’ve allowed to be done. No more we say.

No more lies, deception or switch-and-bait. Awaken!

Awaken to who you truly are. Who you are becoming. And who you will become.

We want to know the truth at all levels. The greatness that has lied dormant within us all, waiting for this time of awakening.

At first it disheartening, or even hurtful and painful to see where we have allowed ourselves to be lead awry. No more. We swollen our pride, wipe our tears, and stand up to take action. To make right the wrongs. To vow to be more aware. To discern for ourselves what is right.

No more blaming. No more victims. Only choosing what’s right for us and all those concerned.

I am my brothers keeper. By my awakening, I allow others to awaken. I create a path of my own as an example for others to create their path. Not to follow mine, but to find their own path that is right for them. To lift them up when it is needed. To support them. To Love them as they learn. As we each learn to decide for ourselves. To freely choose as our sovereign right over our own lives.

And so it is, and I let it be.


Coaching by Jini © 2013