I remember many years ago sitting in the foothills of Albuquerque, NM looking over the city and thinking to myself, someone, just some one person decided to stop, maybe at the river to water their horse. And others came into agreement with this one person and now there is this striving city with 100s of thousands of people. Everywhere in life this is true.

It even goes as deep as our concept of God. Yes, even our concept of God has changed over the millenniums. There isn’t anything in our lives that wasn’t once an idea in someones mind. Some for the personal improvement of one’s own life, to the improvement of many. Some were to control and benefit at the suffering of others. But either way, it was a thought, an idea that someone made up.

There are no limits as to what can be made up. One of my favorite people Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin Galactic is making space travel commercially accessible. Imagine that! Like buying a bus ticket, except this one will take you to outer space. What’s next?

And it is my belief that we each come into this experience with tendencies, natural abilities, and gifts that can either lay dormant or change the world like Thomas Edison or Steve Jobs.

I knew at a early age that I was to be a teacher, but I didn’t want to be a School Teacher. At 22 the thought occurred to me to be a Spiritual Counselor, but I didn’t want to a Psychologist and I didn’t believe in formal religion. In my late 20’s I discovered that I had a latent talent for graphic design and publishing. I enjoyed that for almost 20 years. Now in my life after raising a family, I have decided to become a Life Coach. It’s the closes I can come to a universal title that may have some meaning. It really incorporates all of them, the Teacher, Psychologist, Spiritual Counselor and Publisher.

So what is my point? That life is made up and you get to make up your own life too. But all too often I hear people makes excuses why they aren’t living fully rather than reason and ways that they can create the life they want. I see so many talented people shy away from their natural gifts which seems to be mostly out of fear.

I too was one of those people until finally I had had enough and made the decision that I wasn’t going to allow someone else to decide my fate anymore. Little did I know what was about to transpire. That was a little over two years ago now. It seems like such a distant life then the one I live today. One full of fun, international travel, meeting new interesting people from all over the world, and most excitably, living on purpose.

I love my life and yet there is room for improvement, expansion and so much more that I can’t even see yet. And it continues to unfold. But I am deciding day by day. I am choosing what is so and right for me.

Are you living your life by someone else rules and ideas of how life ‘should’ be lived, or are you deciding for yourself what you want your life to look like and going for it?

And one final thought, I did not do this by myself. I sought out people that could help me along my journey. Others who have made the change themselves. A mentor or a model of someone I admired and respected. I soon found myself outgrowing that person and looked for others to help me in my expansion of who I could be and who I am becoming. It’s a ongoing story and an ongoing journey. What’s yours?

Remember, it’s all made up… You are the Source, Your Decide! ©

With Love and Light