We each come to this ‘human’ experience to have just that – a human experience. Yet, that is not who and what we are. We are consciousness, spirit, or whatever name you may have for the life-force that exist in all of us while we have this human experience. We are born into families, societies and countries that have ideas and rules about how you and I as this new human should be in order to survive and fit in. I will call this programming.

Here’s the catch…we are trying so hard to fit in, be successful by their definition and please the people around us that we don’t really even question what it is that were trying to fit into. If we do reject and speak out against what is being taught it usually has negative side effects. Then we end up dealing with the negative sides effects rather than trying to understand who and what we truly are and what we came here to experience in the first place.

But there seems to be a growing number of people around the world that are saying no to the status quo. It might be in revolutions, demonstrations, teachings, underground groups, people speaking out, etc. I personally think this is a great thing.

I knew and felt very early on that things were not right, but didn’t know what to do with these feelings. So like a lot of other people, I just quietly tried to fit in. Now I seek out like-minded people and learn and find ways to be true to myself and helping as many others that are on the same path. I’m excited to finally be validated and have the friendships and support to really question what is right for me.

Sounds selfish, but in truth being selfish (in a healthy way) is a really good thing. I don’t mean being selfish at the cost of others, or being selfish in wanting your own way all the time. But being selfish in only doing what feels right for you. No one else really knows what is right for you, only you do. They may think they have your best interest at heart and try to convince you through their beliefs, but that does not mean it’s right for you. I believe that if you are true to yourself that in the long run it puts everyone and everything in the natural right order that it needs to be in for everyone concerned.

I’m not excited about the idea of a revolution to set things right, but I’m not against it if that is what it takes. We’ve been brainwashed into believing ideals that are taking us further away from our internal well-being and happiness and causing us to be more stressed out and unhappier than ever.

It’s time for the pendulum to start swinging the other way. To let go of the outside distractions and came back within to our true selves. To decide for our self what we value, what is really important and meaningful in the long run.

So do you think your living the life you were meant to live? Or are you living the life someone else has planned out and convinced you that you want?