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I was reading a newsletter from a friend of mine and among a lot of other things, he states… “Why not make a promise to be more present this coming year, to actually be with the people we associate and live with? With acute conscious awareness, we will discover that every moment becomes a new beginning, and in those moments we get a taste of eternity!”  I love that sentiment.

A ritual that I learned many years ago was to take a peace of paper and write down all your regrets, sorrows, mistakes, wrong-doings, etc. Anything that was less than stellar and write it all down. Then when you feel complete, burn it up. Watch it go up in smoke. If you really want to have some fun and get fancy about it, get some flash paper. Then write one regret for each sheet, then have fun watch it flash burn into the nothingness from which it came. And most important, let the emotion go.

When that process is done, get a new sheet of paper and write down your intentions for the New Year. I’ll let you decide how you want to do it. But, one thing I would keep in mind is when you are writing down ‘stuff’ that you want to accumulate – ask yourself what ‘feeling’ do I think I will have for obtaining that ‘thing’.  Whatever it is. A lot of times we think that ‘something’ will makes us happier when the truth is you can be happy right now. Just decide to be and then find reasons to support it.

Happy New Year and Many Blessings,