It’s been a few years since I posted to this website… I’ve been going through my own journey to come out refreshed, renewed and with a clearer focus.

It is my deepest desire to bring something good into this life, to inspire, to teach by example, and share what has worked for me and how you too can live the dreams you desire. I have found that it’s closer than you think. It’s only our thinking that seemingly keeps it at a distance.

What you want, wants you. Your wishes, dreams and desires are like magnets working to come together in a solid way. Be yourself, not the expectations of others. Many years ago when I was young, I had the realization that my thoughts were not my own. They were my parents, my teachers, and society in which I born. So I asked myself, what are my thoughts? We all have an inclination of our likes and dislikes. How we feel about life, etc.  However, usually those around us, the ones that supposedly love us the most tend to make fun of our differences causing most of us to retreat within ourselves and fit in.

There will always be those that make fun of us. Those very same people are the ones not living their dreams or ignorant. The ones who are living their dream or working towards it  know what it’s like and will be supportive and uplifting. You want to surround yourself with more of those people.

I like keeping things simple.  So to live the life you want now… stop resisting what is.
After all, you created what is. Accept it, marvel at it, and take pride in what you created.  It gives you your power back and enables you to clearly define what you don’t want so you now know what you do want. Focus on what you do want. What is the feeling you want to experience? Feel that now.

You don’t need the thing or circumstance to have the feeling you desire now. Be grateful for all that you do have… all of it. Be grateful for the teachers in your life. The ones that show you what you don’t want and the ones that show you what you do want. Embrace it all. Marvel at the magnificence of it all.

From this peaceful place, ask yourself empowering questions. Regardless of the questions, you will get an answer. However, ‘why me’ just keeps you in loop and doesn’t solve anything for you. A better question would be, ‘what is the most empowering thing I can do next?’ Do that.  And just keep taking the next step.

Sometimes we get overwhelmed or doubtful when you look at the big picture. It feels impossible. A big picture is necessary to know where you’re headed, but then come back to the here and now. Just take the next step that is in front of you. The rest will take care of itself.

There are those that want to just flow with life.  You still create what flows into your life.  Is it one big challenge after challenge, or one amazing event and coincidence that causes you to feel marveled and amazed?

You get to decide. You are the Source. ~ Jini

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