I read a post on FB from Bentinho this morning which reminded me of the dream I/we call life.

I was able to bring it up to my partner and thus attempt to explain what I perceived and understood.  He is not on a “spiritual journey,” he just does life. Not judging either one to be right or wrong or better and worst, just a different expression of the One.

It helped me notice within myself the tendency that if my conditions looked a certain way, then I would be happy. I know all too well that is not true.  There is and will always be something else.

So how to be happy and content in this now moment exactly the way everything is and the way I perceive it not to be… that is the question and the so called work.

I close my eyes and just notice for the moment the witnessor who sees even though my eyes are closed.

I instantly begin to feel a calm come over me. In that moment there is nothing to do except notice. Nothing to strive for. Just simply be.

I purposely breathe and check in with my body. I notice how I am sitting and allowing my chest to sag into my belly.

I repeat to myself, I am Happy to be me. I am Happy to be me.  Again and again.

And it’s true. I am Happy to be me. I’m grateful to be me.

Ahhhh. The perfection of it all!