About Me

Jini-ovalRev. Jini Wimmer

Jini realized in her early 20’s that if she changed her thoughts she could change how she felt. She knew then that she would be a Spiritual Counselor, yet, she had her own low self-esteem and lack of confidence to overcome. In 1992, she had her first experience of being more than just this body – she experienced being pure consciousness. In 1993, Jini started publishing a holistic magazine. In 2005, she became a Real Love Coach and healed her own estranged relationship with her mother. In 2010, she studied under a German doctor who would bring everything full circle.

Now with solid confidence and knowing who and what she truly is, Rev. Jini shares her knowledge and wisdom about how to bring that forth into our lives for a more joyful easy flow. Life was not meant to be a struggle.

You are the Source. You Decide. ~ Jini


I look forward to meeting you on this journey we share together called Life.

Love & Light,

(505) 926-1606

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